For all your conditioned transports of home and garden plants throughout the whole of France and Italy

Bakker Internationaal Koeltransport is young, dynamic, experienced and advanced. We are specialised in conditioned transport.

With our well equipped fleet of combination tucks our team of experienced truck drivers depart almost daily. Driving routes throughout the whole of France and Italy. We deliver your home and garden plants, flowers, bulbs etc. quickly and professional at your customers. The variety of addresses are combined in several routes; cargo consolidation. That is why and how we can deliver quickly for any kind of customer. We depart almost every day of the week.

Your product deserves the best treatment and attention. Perfect conditions; clean cargo space, temperature controlled. The temperature in the cargo container is continually controlled and registered through sensors in the cargo containers. These are connected with the onboard computers in the truck cab. Our experienced team of drivers accompany your product with the greatest care till unloading at your customer.

Because of the onboard computer and "track and trace" we can follow our trucks and your products constantly. The lines are short, optimal communication; efficiency! Due to the by our self invented system of drivers to bring, we gain time in order to deliver even the south of France and Bretagne within 48 hours! The drivers are brought to a hotel near Paris by car. The drivers to bring take their trucks after loading and drive them to the hotel where our drivers take over the wheel after a good night rest! When all of the cargo has been unloaded the return freight will be loaded. Vegetables, fruits and other products are being loaded in France, Italy and Spain to be brought back to Holland.

Transport of plants is inextricably connected with the exchange of plant trolleys. We take care of all the exchanging of and registration of the trolleys for our customers.

Quality is our key word and quantity is never a problem! Due to our experience we know all the ins and outs of transport. We are prepared for all factors that could affect transportation. That's our strength! We strive for perfection, leaving nothing to chance! Our job ends only when you and your receiving customer are satisfied!